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We build big data security solutions to support our customers at analyzing their network traffic.
Exeon Analytics is a Spin-off company of ETH Zurich.

ExeonTrace Understand your web traffic.

Sitting on large amounts of web traffic logs? Use our flagship product ExeonTrace to understand the web traffic leaving your corporate network and to identify and investigate malware infections and data breaches using big data algorithms.
Web traffic is the primarily data leakage channel used by sophisticated cyber attackers as well as browser plugins and other software that put your organization's privacy at risk. Your employees' web browsing causes millions of network events every day, this allows cyber attackers and malicious insiders to simply hide among these regular activities.

Identify anomalies.

We fight advanced cyber attacks and insider threats using big data analytics. ExeonTrace applies machine learning to network log data in order to identify malware infections and suspicious behavior based on communication patterns. This allows us to find the so-called needle in the haystack and transform collected network log data into actionable security insights.

Save time.

No more scrolling through thousands of lines of logs. ExeonTrace extracts relevant information and displays it in interactive graphics. Your analysts can quickly understand anomalies, rather than struggling with raw log files and risking to miss the needle in the haystack.

Award-winning algorithms.

ExeonTrace is based on award-winning algorithms developed at ETH Zurich.

No separate storage nor data collection required.

Our products connect to existing SIEM solutions. We analyze HTTP(S) proxy and NetFlow log data stored in Splunk and Elasticsearch.
Your HTTP(S) proxy and NetFlow data are not stored in a SIEM solution yet? We are happy to setup Elasticsearch for you.


We provide visibility into data leaving your organization.

Exeon Threat Report
Order a security review to discover hidden data leaks.

Web traffic is the primarily data leakage channel used by sophisticated cyber-attackers as well as browser plugins and other software that put your organization's privacy at risk. Our Exeon Threat Report security review assesses the security state of your internal network by analyzing web proxy log data (your internal devices’ outgoing web traffic) and flow data. Our engineers deploy ExeonTrace on-site in your data center, analyze your network traffic and provide you with our Exeon Threat Report listing:
  • Identified malware/attacker activities.
  • Identified privacy leaks.
  • A fingerprint of active devices allowing you to cross-check your IT inventory (IT inventories are often incomplete and miss devices).
  • An overview of heavily used web and cloud services, allowing you to identify shadow IT services.
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Exploring new paths to fight cyber attacks.


Exeon Analytics bridges the gap between research and practice. The core team behind Exeon Analytics has its roots at the Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center (ZISC) of ETH Zurich, a center of excellence founded more than a decade ago by IBM, Sun and Credit Suisse. Thanks to our scientific research, we have years of experience with handling and aggregating large amounts of network records, applying machine learning in a scalable way and identifying anomalies in millions of data points. This knowledge is bundled and made easily accessible to our customers in our ExeonTrace analytics solutions.

As the cyber security space is very dynamic and attackers are constantly adapting their techniques, Exeon Analytics is continuing scientific research with several partners such as armasuisse Science and Technology S+T, the center of technology of the Swiss Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports (DDPS) and the Information Security Group at ZHAW headed by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Tellenbach financed by Innosuisse - the Swiss Innovation Agency.


It's a team effort.


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